Referral Program

Refer a Friend and WIN!

El-Amin & Associates, Inc. is demonstrating how much we appreciate referrals!

Refer* yourself, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances to us for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION quote and receive:

  • A $10 Gift Card for each referral
  • An entry to win a MONTHLY $50 Gift Card
  • An entry to win the GRAND PRIZE $500 Gift Card
  • Referrals DO NOT have to become a customer for you to win!

Imagine picking up the $500 Gift Card and using it anyway you choose!

  • Treating your family or friends to a nice dinner
  • Using it toward your next car service appointment
  • Using it toward a new suit or outfit
  • Take that well-deserved weekend getaway
  • Get the computer or tablet you have been wanting
  • Purchase that cell phone you have always wanted.

We would like nothing more than for you to have a Chance to Win! Keep referring and increase your chances with each referral — IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

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August 2021 Referral Gift Card Winner!


July Winner                                  June Winner                                   May Winner


April Winner                                March Winner                                                           .

Please fill out the Referral Form below.

*RULES and RESTRICTIONS: Each time a referrer makes a referral the referrers name will be added into to the drawing box when the referred completes the serious quote process. Only one person per household can be referred when all in the household are on the same insurance policy. If persons in the same household have separate policies, each person can be referred as separate referrals. Persons being referred can only be entered in the referred drawing box once in a 12-month period. A member of a household can only be referred once by anyone referring in a 12-month period. For the referrer, there is no limit on the number of entries you can have Existing policy holders are excluded from being referred due to them already having a policy with the carrier. The gift cards will be in the form of a physical card or ecard. To participate in the referral program, no purchase is required by referrer or the person being referred. The person being referred does not have to make a purchase, but they must complete the serious quote process, which includes a quote offered (minimum LIS, CSR), in order to get the $10 referral fee and to be entered into the drawings. The Program Sponsor reserves the right to restrict or deny a gift card to the referral or referred if it deems the person is or has attempted to undermine the integrity and/or true purpose of the referral program. Program Sponsor reserves the right to change or adjust the program at any time without any notice.

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